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Videography is an excellent way to connect with the different aspects of the VolunTourism experience through the words of the travelers, the people of the destination, and the VolunTourism Operators and Nonprofit Organizations/NGOs.

If "seeing is believing," then documentaries and videos will certainly support Travelers to develop additional understanding of VolunTourism and its potential in terms of personal engagement with it. You may learn from the words and descriptions of other VolunTourists of what you may want to insist on having in relationship to your own VolunTourism experience.

VolunTourism Operators may discover helpful "sound bites" that may be incorporated into itineraries that you are developing. Nonprofit Organizations & NGOs may gleen approaches that can assist in better preparing field staff for specific difficulties that may arise during a VolunTourism trip.

VolunTourism Resources - Documentaries & Videos

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Television Shows

Steve Friedman has taken a personal interest in the rebuilding effort in the U.S. Gulf Coast Region. As Founder of TravelTelevision.org, he has covered VolunTourism and the service of VolunTourists throughout New Orleans. You can also review the website of Kim Rowe and Maria Warman - GoLiveGive.com. These ladies are focusing their attention on the growing connection between "going green" and voluntary service.

Full-Length Documentaries

Currently, there is one documentary that covers the subject of VolunTourism in great depth. It is called The Hope Givers and was produced in 2006. The storyline follows a group of VolunTourists that travel to Morocco where they serve the physicians and other medical personnel, as well as the patients of a health clinic. The facility functions primarily to address the medical needs of children. For further information on this documentary, you can visit the television station that produced it: WFYI Indianapolis, IN.

Another documentary that was produced by Insight Documentaries in 2005, is available for purchase from their web site. It is entitled: Vacations From The Heart and follows the story of three groups of travelers to different locations around the world. Their adventures in service and tourism are highlighted with individual commentary on the nature of the experience and what it has meant to some of the participants.


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Documentary Shorts

From Rickshaw Studios comes this description of another documentary on service and travel:

VISIONS FROM CAMBODIA 18 minutes, 2005

Producer, Writer, Camera and Film editors

When twin Thai-American filmmakers join an eight-day volunteer trip in Cambodia, they take their cameras with them. This inspirational film touches upon the lasting effects of genocide while highlighting a Canadian woman's vision that is changing the economical landscape for thousands of families. Exceptional location photography by Holly M. Nelson sets the backdrop of life in present time Cambodia.

“It’s often hard to imagine how one person can make any difference. We were inspired by the people we've met and wanted to use our experience to bring awareness to social issues in Cambodia and understanding to what many Cambodians went through. We also want to inspire people to get involved in making a difference in the world.”

From the Travel TV Lounge come three documentary shorts:

Video Clips