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Currently, there is a limited supply of books dedicated entirely to VolunTourism - either for pleasure reading or as textbooks. (see below)

Most of these books offer insight into VolunTourism as an element connected to other topics of discussion. These may vary from books that cover such subjects as work & study abroad, psychology, or general travel. There will be pages from, or sections of, these books dedicated to the topic.

Most of these books do not appear in local libraries. You may find them in college or university libraries depending on the breadth of subject matter covered by a given facility. In some instances, the only way to receive a copy of the book will be to actually purchase it. Shop around and look for online retailers that can support you in getting a discount on a particular title or a used copy if you prefer.

VolunTourism Resources - Books

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  • Title: 100 Best Volunteer Vacations to Enrich Your Life
  • Author: Pam Grout
  • Publisher: Random House (19 May 2009)
  • Title: Volunteering Vacations Across America: Immersion Travel USA
  • Author: Sheryl Kayne
  • Publisher: The Countryman Press, W.W. Norton & Company (1 June 2009)

In Print

  • Title: Travel Therapy
  • Author: Karen Schaler
  • Publisher: Seal Press (April 2009)
  • Title: Wildlife and Conservation Volunteering: The Complete Guide
  • Author: Peter Lynch
  • Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides (February 2009)
  • Title: Volunteer Vacations (10th Edition)
  • Authors: Bill McMillon, Doug Cutchins, and Anne Geissinger
  • Publisher: Chicago Review Press (February 2009)
  • Title: Best Immersion Traveler USA
  • Author: Sheryl Kayne
  • Publisher: Countryman Press, W.W. Norton & Company (Fall 2008)


    Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT

  • Title: Smiling At The World
  • Author: Joyce Major
  • Publisher: Alegro Publishing (2007)
  • Title: Volunteer: A Traveler's Guide To Making A Difference Around The World
  • Author: Charlotte Hindle, Patrick Pringle, Korina Miller, Nate Cavalieri, Rachel Collinson
  • Publisher: Lonely Planet (2007)
  • Title: 100 Best Vacations To Enrich Your Life
  • Author: Pam Grout
  • Publisher: National Geographic Society (2007)
  • Title: Green Volunteers: The World Guide To Voluntary Work in Nature Conservation (6th Edition)
  • Author: Fabio Ausenda
  • Publisher: Universe
  • Title: Jobs For Travel Lovers: Opportunities At Home & Abroad (5th Edition)
  • Author: Ron & Caryl Krannich PhDs
  • Publisher: Impact Publications (2006)
  • Title: Travel Unlimited: Uncommon Adventures For the Mature Traveler
  • Author: Alison Gardner
  • Publisher: Avalon Travel Publishing (2000)

Text Books

  • Title: Journeys Of Discovery In Volunteer Tourism
  • Author: Ken Lyons and Stephen Wearing
  • Publisher: CABI (2008)
  • Title: Volunteer Tourism: Experiences That Make A Difference
  • Author: Stephen Wearing
  • Publisher: CABI (2001)