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VolunTourism is still a fledgling niche in the travel & tourism sector, but there are certainly folks out there that are including the term in their discussions amongst peers, friends, and family.

This section of the Web site offers you a chance to connect with some of the Blogs that are currently covering the topic, or have done so in the past. One or two are actually dedicated to VolunTourism.

If you are particularly interested in having a VolunTourism Blog be a part of this Web site, please let us know and we will confer with colleagues as to the best methods of incorporating such a feature into this site.

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Most Recent Blog Entries

2/19 - How Voluntourism Works

2/13 - Voluntourism and Your Health

2/12 - Voluntourism - Travel for a Good Cause

12/26 - Seven Things You (May Not) Know The AVMF Offers

12/11 - 'Voluntourism' Wins Soft Power Education 1st Place In Educating Africa Award

12/06 - The Voluntourism Effect: Case Studies And Investigation (Academic Conference)

11/12 - A Plea For New Orleans

11/04 - Voluntourism: Hip or Hype?

10/22 - The Samburu And The Gift Of Sight: Voluntourism In Action

10/15 - Travel Bloggers Rally Around Blog Action Day

8/27 - A Tourist With A Shovel And A Hoe


Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT

8/8 - Volunteer Tourism

8/7 - Volunteerism or VolunTourism?

7/28 - Voluntourism

7/22 - Volunteering And Tourism: A Good Combination?

7/4 - Giving Back - Volunteers Flood Into Ghana

7/1 - "Voluntourism" - The New Frontier Of [Tax Free] Nonprofit Travel Agencies

6/24 - Could Volunteer Tourism Be Part Of Your Stewardship Strategy?

6/16 - Voluntouring Scams

5/20 - Ride To Be Well; Raise Money To Do Good

5/18 - Voluntourism

5/11 - My Mental Vacation: Voluntourism

4/16 - Voluntourism At Boreas

4/14 - Global Voluntourism Heating Up

4/10 - Voluntourism Code Of Good Practice

3/18 - Smarter Voluntourism

3/18 - DIY Voluntourism

3/02 - Adventures In Voluntourism

2/12 - Volunteer Travel Goes Mainstream, Raising New Questions

2/12 - Voluntourism in the Himalayas with the dZi Foundation

2/07 - Talkin 'bout My Generation

2/01 - Voluntourism: Slow Travel That Matters

1/29 - Voluntourism: Making Sure You're Making A Difference

12/19/07 - Travelocity & IGOUGO Launch Voluntourism Community Site

12/06/07 - Voluntourism Adventures In Casamance-Senegal

12/02/07 - May Delta's "Force" Be With Us All

10/26/07 - Voluntourism: Is The Cause Worth The Cost?

10/24/07 - Voluntourism - 12 Questions For Your Tour Operator

10/18/07 - Doing Good Abroad?: Is It Really Any Good?


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