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VolunTourism is fast becoming the travel trend of the Millennium. As the two largest industries in the world slowly become more and more integrated, you will see a variety of publications covering this topic - not just the travel trade media outlets.

Because VolunTourism steps beyond travel, the opportunity for connection to students wishing to deliver a more "bountiful" resume is appealing to folks in other publications. The idea that a corporation or association can host a meeting that incorporates a team-building exercise to benefit a local community gives rise to business publications covering what would traditionally be a meetings- or convention-trade story - and so on.

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Articles Published In 2008

1/23 - Good Deeds Or Guilt Trips?

1/19 - University Of Ottawa To Make Voluntourism Easier

1/18 - With The Best Of Intentions, Where's That Road Headed?

12/18 - Hard Work... And Soft Sheets

12/13 - Labours Of Love: Finding Ways To Make A Difference

12/10 - Adieu Extravagance, Bonjour, Engagement: The Travel World's Wakeup Call

11/23 - Go Away Give Back

11/23 - Global Givers

11/20 - 'Voluntourism' Gains In Popularity

10/31 - San Francisco: The Good Hotel Introduces The "Philanthropy Concierge"

10/21 - Help Me, Help You: Why 'Voluntourism' Misses The Mark

10/03 - STATUS QUO: VOLUNTOURISM Time On - - What's Behind The Motivation To Work While Allegedly At Leisure?


Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT

9/21 - Lending A Hand In Fiji

8/30 - Voluntourism Is Exploitation

8/24 - Tibetan Children Teach Life Lessons To Teacher

8/13 - 'Voluntourism' Draws Convention-Goers Wanting To Lend A Helping Hand

7/29 - Change The World - On Dad's Dime

7/16 - How Fair Is Tourism South Africa?

7/13 - Voluntourism Catching On For Surfers With Conscience

6/28 - Voluntourism 2.0

6/12 - Helping In Rwanda Through Voluntourism

6/11 - Family Voluntourism Strengthens Bonds And Local Communities

5/18 - Should You Pay To Volunteer Abroad

5/8 - 'Voluntourism,' Accountability, Brand Life Emerging Trends For Traveler Itineraries

5/6 - Voluntourism: Tourists Out To Change The World

4/22 - Voluntourism

4/9 - Popularity Grows For 'Voluntourism'

4/6 - Volunteer For A Rewarding Vacation

3/21 - New Ritz Carlton Amenity: Charitable Work

3/14 - Vacations From The Ordinary

3/5 - The Big Issue: Mind The Gap Year

2/21 - The Value of Voluntourism

2/15 - Is Volunteerism The New Vacation?

2/5 - How Important Is Voluntourism To You?

2/1 - A Do-Good Spring Break Alternative

1/16 - Rosario Resort Will Give You A Discount For Doing A Little Trail Work

Articles Published In 2007

12/23/07 - Voluntourism: A Guilt Trip?

12/23/07 - Volunteer At Home? No Thanks

12/20/07 - Get In Some Volunteer Work On Vacation

12/01/07 - Volun-tourism: Travel With A Purpose

11/26/07 - Expedition: Good Will

11/24/07 - Tours Of Duty

11/07/07 - How You Can Travel To The Ends Of The Earth

10/25/07 - Who Gains The Most From VolunTourism?

10/12/07 - Giving Back While Taking A Break

09/23/07 - Voluntourism: New Way of Holidaying

09/17/07 - Working In Two Worlds

09/10/07 - "Voluntourism" Scams Do-Gooders

09/07/07 - Cruise West Spotlights "Voluntourism"

08/10/07 - N.O. Visitors Bureau Report Optimistic

08/08/07 - Counting Caribbean Fish, Debating Voluntourism

07/26/07 - Vacationing Like Brangelina

07/26/07 - Voluntourism Industry Unethical?

07/24/07 - Mid-state Residents Find Passion In 'Voluntouring'

07/23/07 - Brave New Traveler: The Complete Guide To Volunteer Tourism

07/18/07 - Adventure Companies Blending Adventure Tourism & Volunteering Cite Corruption, Sustainability Amongst Chief Challenges

07/01/07 - The Virtuous Vacation

Additional Articles

Away.com Publishes Voluntourism Guide

Alistair Wearmouth offers solid information to support those looking for voluntourism experiences in this piece on Away.com - - Story

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Volunteers Impact Hurricane Rita-stricken Southwest Louisiana

Voluntourists and members of the Southeast Tourism Society will be supporting this part of the world in rebounding from Hurricane Rita - - Story

Pack Your Conscience On the Next Trip With Your Kids

The Chicago Herald's Jackie Runice offers this piece to entice you to get the kids to overcome their personal indulgences by giving back - - Story

Avoiding The Guilt-Trips On A Feel Good Holiday

Paul Miles makes an excellent overall presentation on the variety of VolunTourism opportunities available to travellers in the UK via this article in the Telegraph - - Story

A Working Holiday

Aarti Dua gives us his take on VolunTourism in another "Telegraph;" this one from Calcutta - - Story


Jackie Hutcherson is the Travel Editor for the Saint Louis Post Dispatch. She does us all a favor by covering Wilderness Volunteers, one of the VolunTourism organizations that I have been tracking for several years - - Story

Ardea Eco-Expeditions: No Longer Just Looking, But Helping

Laurie Schreiber shares how one Ecotourism outfit in Maine is embracing VolunTourism - - Story

10 Voluntourism Trips

Forbes Traveler gets into the act through the effort of Aaron Dalton who shares ten VolunTourism journeys that he has uncovered in his research. - - Story

Unusual Trips & Tours

Elizabeth Eaves with Forbes Magazine has been doing her homework and one of the items she has discovered on the list of "reality travel" is VolunTourism - - Story

Photo Courtesy Of Robert Kolesar, All Rights Reserved

New Orleans Fine Hotels' Rooms for Revitalization Program Hosts VolunTourism Groups

Hotel & Motel Management's Week In Review gives an update on how one company is rewarding those who want to give back when they travel - - Story

Voluntourism - A Whole New Dimension To The Travel Experience In Jordan

Jordan officially becomes the first country in the world to announce VolunTourism as a national vision to support travelers seeking to serve - - Story

Taking Time Out Of Office On Good Deed

Denver Post Staff Writer, Julie Dunn, describes how employers are starting to embrace VolunTourism to reward employees and to support their personal philanthropic goals & objectives - - Story

Helping Others, Helping Ourselves

Lea Winerman, of Monitor On Psychology, shares insight as to what motivates us as human beings to volunteer, and in particular, to be VolunTourists - - Story


Slate magazine kept the title of this piece direct and to the point as they focused on VolunTourism in Bangladesh - - Story

Voluntourism - Showing People How To Smile

Writer Megan Seery introduces us to Keri Sinclair and her way of giving back in the favelas of Brazil - - Story

Young Leaders Create Organizations For The Future

Minnesota Public Radio describes the unorthodox approach that "Millennials" are taking to address the world's issues and Pay It Forward Tours is one such option - - Story

Why You Should Join A Short-Term Mission Trip

Here is one faith-based community that has introduced "VolunTourism" to engage members in traveling and serving in 2007 - - Story