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VT Cast #34: GoLiveGive & VolunTourism


What inspired Kim and Maria to create a show that featured both Green Tourism and VolunTourism? How are the entities they contact to be on the show responding to their approach? How can we better prepare VolunTourists to also be Green? These questions and more will be addressed during this episode of The VolunTourist.

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Past Webcast - April 29, 2008

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Kim Rowe, Co-Creator & Publisher, GoLiveGive [Bio]; Maria Warman, Co-Creator & Host, GoLiveGive [Bio].


[What are you trying to convey to folks with the messaging when you're putting all of this and wrapping it all together - what would you hope they're coming away with?]

"I just want this to all be relatable. I feel like Maria and I are normal people - we're normal girls - girls you could hang out with and go out to eat with, or go to the beach with. We're just normal people like everyone else, and I just want to convey that. And, you may not see me in front of the camera, but my message, obviously, goes through Maria. Look at the things we do in our lives - everyone sleeps, everyone eats, and not everyone can afford to go on a vacation, but everyone strives to and everyone wants to go away. And I feel like we really tapped into that resource of this is something that everyone does and I want people to take a different look at it; I hope to spin a vacation a different way, and just relate to the people like us and just make it accessible and change some people's lives.

And I feel like we want to provide a more rewarding experience - and we say that a lot, but I think in today's world, I said this before, there's a lot of negative things on TV and I think in people's lives there could be a lot of negative things going on, and just as Maria was saying, we have so much fun. In doing these things, in helping these people, in the little that we do and for us, shedding light on these smaller organizations that may not have never gotten this attention - it's just amazing. And it's so rewarding for us. And I guarantee that whoever goes to these places and tries out one of these - - meets these people that we present to them - they're going to have a more rewarding experience on vacation - it's going to be a vacation and they're going to have a great time, but they're going to walk away not feeling like a consumer.

And one of the ladies from Hawaii said to me - - and it's so funny, they use 'aloha' in every single town - - they say 'hello' and 'goodbye' and 'aloha' is a noun, and they're just, this lady is like, 'people come here on vacation and they don't bring in any aloha, and then they leave and they take all of our aloha.' And I think that's so funny because it's the same way of saying 'don't be a consumer on vacation.' Bring some Aloha! Don't just take everything. These people, when you go visit, they offer so much, whether it's their stories or just that friendly, fun atmosphere that they've created and all these things - - Just give back a little! Don't take people's Aloha - - provide some Aloha." Kim Rowe

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[As a former stand up comedian... do you feel like your humor allows you to keep a broader perspective and see that anybody doing anything along these lines can be beneficial?]

"Absolutely. And, I have, whether it's across the world or in my own city, I feel like that helps - humor helps out - unilaterally with connecting with people and realizing your own minuteness in this world and not taking yourself too seriously. But, at the same time, knowing what kind of amazing impact you can have on other people's lives and really finding the middle ground there.

So, I think it's really about looking people in the eyes, seeing where the needs are, looking at your community, seeing where the needs are; and then, when you do that with your friends - whether you're on a group vacation where you're volunteering, where you don't know any of these people, and I've done those on my own, too, where I didn't know anybody going into it - but all of a sudden you leave and you have these memories, and you trip and fall when you're doing dry wall for a house and everyone's laughing because it's just something really funny happened. Or you have these inside jokes, and Kim and I will have so many from this trip, and you just have so much fun! And, you know what, that's the one thing when people say, 'you're so nice for doing what you do' - that's some of the feedback that I get, too. And I just shake my head, 'I get back so much more from these trips' - whether it's volunteering here at a soup kithchen in Los Angeles - this, actually, coming Sunday is called 'Big Sunday' and it's a huge volunteering event happening that I'm really excited about - so whether it's here in LA or across the world, I get so much more out of these experiences than I could ever give; and it might sound cliche', but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. That's almost funny, how true that is.

I have so many friendships. I get emails from Gimatchu in Ethiopia, one of the students that I taught there. And I have this elephant, sitting right to my right in my cabinet from these children who wanted to give me presents - these children who have nothing [and I'm going to cry] gave me these presents when I come back to America because they really appreciated what I did. So, honestly, I cannot be more thankful for the experience that I've had and humor definitely plays a part when you are giving because you did trip and fall - I fell on my butt in the rain, muddy in Ethiopia and the kids just howled laughing - and I did this ballet pirouette when I got up, and I was just muddy like a pig, and everyone was laughing and I was laughing. And so these things happen when you put yourself out there and it's worth every second." Maria Warman

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Guest Bios

Kim Rowe, Co-Creator & Publisher, GoLiveGive


Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT

While in London producing a show for NBC's, YourLA, Kim found herself looking at an opportunity to develop an original project. When she worked with host, Maria Warman, Kim quickly discovered that they shared the same passion for people and the environment. A few months later, their combined dedication and vision led to the creation of Go Live Give. In producing Go Live Give, Kim hopes that combining her love for travel and volunteering will not only inspire those around her but also people worldwide.

Kim grew up in a small town in Connecticut and developed a passion for television production. By age 16, she was borrowing cameras to create her own small independent films, interviewing friends and family wherever she went. She studied Radio/TV/Film at Marist College in New York where she received a degree in communication and an even bigger love for producing television. Her career in production began in NYC where she worked at FOX News. She eventually moved to Vh1 where she worked on The Fabulous Life and then helped launch the popular hit series, Best Week Ever. Later she moved on to MTV working on the show, High School Stories, where she worked in the field traveling throughout the country.

In 2005, Kim traded in her winter coat for a bathing suit and headed to LA. Since her arrival, she has produced over 50 hours of television as a Field Producer for NBC's YourLA. Most recently, Kim traveled to Orlando, FL where she produced a one hour travel episode What You Get for the Money Vacations: Walt Disney World Resort for The Fine Living Network.

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Maria Warman, Co-Creator & Host, GoLiveGive

Maria is one of those rare rosebuds, a California native with a genuine love for people, travel and the environment. She began her stand-up comedy career at the Icehouse in Pasadena. She has also performed at The Comedy Store and can be seen regularly at Room 5 and The Hollywood Improv. As a host for NBC's lifestyle show, YourLA, Maria has been featured on segments in Los Angeles and London.

Maria has lived, worked and volunteered abroad ever since she was a child. Maria's parents would frequently take their family to visit and volunteer at orphanages in Mexico. After graduating from USC with her degree in Communication and French, Maria lived in France and traveled extensively. Maria has worked at orphanages, drug rehab centers, homeless shelters, and with Habitat for Humanity around the world including Haiti, Venezuela, Northern Ireland, Thailand and Ethiopia.

Go Live Give combines Maria's love for travel with her passion to give back to the environment which she loves to explore and to the people she loves to connect with. GLG has empowered Maria to utilize her talents and heart for an amazing cause. As the host for Go Live Give, Maria hopes to inspire people to live boldly and travel wisely

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