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The VolunTourist™ is a premium Newsletter for the Travel Trade. For those interested in discovering what is happening in the world of VolunTourism™ and seeking emerging practices, general information, and case studies, this is your Source.

Volume 5 Issue 4 Contents


The Events That Shaped & Influenced VolunTourism In Decade 1.0
Looking back over the last decade there are certainly some standout events that shaped VolunTourism. Some of them will be self-evident; others, however, may require a bit of an explanation to put them into context for you. Keep in mind, those that are most obvious have contributed in numerous ways since - ways that were not, at first, readily apparent.


Innovators & Innovation: The Pillars of VolunTourism's Global Expansion in Decade 2.0
"The most important skill to practice is questioning," wrote Jeffrey H. Dyer, Hal B. Gregersen, and Clayton M. Christensen in an article entitled "The Innovator's DNA: Five 'Discovery Skills' Separate True Innovators From the Rest of Us," which appeared in the December 2009 issue of Harvard Business Review. Without question, these 'Discovery Skills,' oultined by the authors, will play an instrumental role in the success of the people, providers, publications, and places that will most likely influence VolunTourism in Decade 2.0.


How Will Global Climate Change Impact VolunTourism in Decade 2.0?

If climate change wasn't something on your radar as a voluntourist or voluntourism provider in the first decade of the new millennium, then it most assuredly will be in Decade 2.0. In order to discover what impacts climate change will have on VolunTourism, we might first consider how VolunTourism may offset the effects of climate change. Even a cursory analysis reveals that there are indeed projects that could be adopted by voluntourists and voluntourism providers to counter the consequences of climate change. If Copenhagen polluted your positivity regarding a unilateral, geo-political 'solution,' then the least we can do is proactively review what the VolunTourism Community can do in regard to Global Climate Change in the year and years ahead.


Copyright © Eliza Raymond, All Rights Reserved


Your Letters To VolunTourism.org
Thank you for your letters, questions, and comments to VolunTourism.org. Though we are not able to answer every one of them in a timely manner, we do get around to them. This issue is no exception. Read More>>>

Wisdom & Insight

A Day Volunteering In Tijuana - Cementing Friendships

VolunTourists lead a double-life. Sure, they venture forth on expeditions that unite travel with voluntary service, but how does this coalesce with their real life? Chris Christensen, aka the Amateur Traveler, delivers his insights and personal experience of his dual personalities via this recollection of a recent voluntourism trip to Tijuana, Mexico, interwoven with his life as an engineer. Read More>>>


And Now For Some Really Good News - The VolunTourism Honeymoon Is Over
What a phenomenal quarter it was for articles and blog posts on voluntourism across the globe! Better yet, these literary gems emphasized "The Dark Side of Volunteer Tourism" - the outcomes of poorly coordinated experiences, mismatched expectations, and communications' breakdowns. And, there was this quote from Adrienne DiTommaso from the University of Miami: "Fully trusting an unregulated, perhaps culturally ill-informed industry to supply a socially meaningful experience is at best naive and at worst financially and socially wreckless." As a precautionary measure, it is recommended that only the intrepid sort venture into this issue's Read More>>>


The Travelanthropist & VolunTourism
We have seen an increasing level of discussion on the topic of traveler's philanthropy over the last several years. Academics, travel trade association executives, nonprofit directors, and tour operators & suppliers have openly discussed the merits of travelers' involvement in contributing to the well-being of destinations. VolunTourism clearly fits within this context, but it is the 'how' that is still a bit nebulous. Recently, I turned to Linda Chew, Managing Editor of Travelanthropist.com, to discuss the intersection between Traveler's Philanthropy and VolunTourism. Here are her answers to our 3Qs for this issue. Read More>>>

Supply Chain

"Why Can't Cooks Cook To Give Back?"
Time. It is elusive in the world of VolunTourism. To think that nearly eighteen months have passed since I first interviewed Christine Carroll, founder of Culinary Corps, it simply does not seem possible. Yet, here we are, beginning a new decade and Christine and her team are opening a new destination for their 'culanthropic' efforts - - Puerto Rico. What started in answer to a short, infinitely provocative question -"What is a chef's role in the community?" - has become the key ingredient for an expanding troupe of voluntourists who utilize their culinary skills in educating young people and operating 'kitchens-without-borders.' Read More>>>

Study & Research with Dr. Nancy McGehee

The Development of Cross-Cultural (Mis)Understanding Through Voluntourism
For this issue of the Research Forum section of The VolunTourist Newsletter, I am pleased to focus on Eliza Raymond’s research interest in the potential for voluntourism to lead to cross-cultural understanding. Her research was done through the University of Otago, New Zealand, under the guidance of Dr. Michael Hall. Eliza’s academic background is in geography and tourism. More recently, Eliza has been working for the Global Volunteer Network with their partner organization in Peru as well as in their headquarters in New Zealand. Read More>>>

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