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The VolunTourist™ is a premium Newsletter for the Travel Trade. For those interested in discovering what is happening in the world of VolunTourism™ and seeking emerging practices, general information, and case studies, this is your Source.

Volume 5 Issue 2 Contents


What If VolunTourism Is Development For The "Developed" World?
Could it be that we are entering a new era in the world of development? In the Foreward to Dambisa Moyo's new book, Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working And How There Is A Better Way For Africa, Niall Ferguson quotes Moyo: "Despite the widespread Western belief that 'the rich should help the poor, and the form of this help should be aid,' the reality is that aid has helped to make the poor poorer, and growth slower." Is it possible that VolunTourism can represent a transition from traditional uni-directional support for the recipient to one in which the "development" focuses more on the participant?


Medical Tourism And VolunTourism: Similarities & Synergies
With Western healthcare fast becoming an unaffordable luxury for an ever-growing segment of the U.S. population, Medical Tourism is on the rise. Like VolunTourism, Medical Tourism "suffers" from similar challenges. The numbers look promising for both, but how does one quantify them? The impacts appear to cross sectors and influence multiple stakeholders, but how does one measure them? And, in terms of synergies, is there a chance for savvy VolunTourism operators to craft relationships with Medical Tourism practitioners? Certainly, there are more questions than answers; we'll take this opportunity to begin the discussion.


On The VolunTourism Fringe: Just Coffee Travel Delegations

Colleen Coy is the Coordinator of Just Coffee's Travel Delegations. At select times throughout the year, Just Coffee, a worker-owned cooperative, provides customized itineraries for its customers and other interested parties to visit the coffee producers with which the cooperative works in destinations around the world. Recently, Just Coffee began adding voluntary service activities to its delegations. I caught up with Colleen Coy and asked her to share details of her team's efforts and what are, for me, the first such VolunTourism offerings that I have encountered.


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Your Letters To VolunTourism.org
Many thanks to those who continue to submit questions to VolunTourism.org. Your questions and comments are thought-provoking and very much appreciated! Read More>>>

Wisdom & Insight

Volunteering Or VolunTourism - Who Cares? It's How You Design It!

For this issue of The VolunTourist Newsletter, Daniela Papi, Co-Founder of The PEPY Ride, offers her response to a couple of blog posts presented by Mark Overman on the Working World Blog - one entitled "Intl. Development Volunteering: Dispelling The Rosy View" and the other, a continuation of the original post. Ms. Papi shares her views on the volunteering-or-voluntourism debate and provides some wisdom and insight into the approach that her organization utilizes in Cambodia. Read More>>>


Global Coverage Of VolunTourism Is Expanding
As you peruse the articles in this issue's VT-Lines, you will notice that a number of them come from destinations beyond the typical VolunTourist-sending Countries - Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US. What may be the most compelling feature of this is that as VolunTourism continues toward global adoption, it opens the door for new and varied perspectives to be expressed. Read More>>>


See Turtles & VolunTourism
Sea turtles receive more than their fair share of media coverage in the VolunTourism space. But, what is it about these creatures? They have an uncanny ability to win the hearts of droves of people, causing said bipeds to travel to places like Costa Rica, Mexico, and elsewhere to assist their four-flippered friends. For this issue, Brad Nahill, Director of seeTurtles.org and a former VolunTourist himself, joins us to address our 3Q's and provide insights into one of the most popular approaches to VolunTourism in the Western Hemisphere and beyond. Read More>>>

Supply Chain

Jamaica Adventure Secrets
What happens when a 12-year old girl is benefited by the kindness of travelers from another country? Do we ever hear stories like this? Well, Maureen Wright-Evans has decided to take the generosity of two tourists from Canada and "pay-it-forward." Jamaica Adventure Secrets is her vision of how to combine her love for Jamaica's majestic landscape and munificent culture and share both with those who are willing to give of their time, talent, and treasure - what she once received years ago, dramatically changing her life? Read More>>>

Study & Research with Dr. Nancy McGehee

The Effect Of VolunTourism (Volunteer Tourism) On The Volunteer (The Self)
For this issue of the Research Forum, Dr. Nancy McGehee welcomes Zoë Alexander. Ms. Alexander's  research interest is in 'the self' (the tourist) and the impact that tourism has on the individual. Her research is being done through the Buckinghamshire New University, UK, under the guidance of Dr. Ali Bakir, and Dr. Eugenia Wickens. Ms. Alexander's academic background is in psychology. More recently she completed her MSc in Tourism Management and Development to support her business - offering self-catering units in Cape Town and Scotland. Her commercial background is Project Management and has worked for a large retailer in the UK. Her long-term personal interest lies in the development of 'self' and hiking. Read More>>>

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