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November 2005 - Wisdom & Insight

November 2005 - Home


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Wisdom & Insight

Are There Any Prerequisites to Attend the 2006 VolunTourism Forum & Expo?

This month's question may be one that a few of you are asking as you contemplate joining us in February 0f 2006.

When I first saw this question in my inbox several weeks ago, I had to take a little time to reflect. "What does this imply?"


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I had two immediate questions for myself:

1.Does the material on this website suggest that Volun-Tourism has elements to it that are exclusionary or seemingly unachievable to those who might access it and try to put it into practice?

2. Is the term Forum one that has connotations of being available to only those folks who have been educated to a certain level in order to participate?

In answer to my first question, I have reviewed the website and do not think that any of the information suggests exclusionary practice. Albeit the practice of VolunTourism as presented herein may be difficult to achieve. But there is no language that makes it appear inaccessible to those who have an interest in putting it into practice.

In answer to my second question, I have noticed that most annual gatherings are called "conventions, meetings, or conferences." The term Forum may not be used because it relates to operations that may have a membership base or will receive academic credit for participation, and, therefore, would need to have certain education leading up to such an event.

As a result of this inquiry, we will discuss the term with our Wisdom Council in February and determine if a new name should be adopted to alleviate any sense or notion that prerequisites exist and must be met in order to attend the VolunTourism Forum & Expo.

If you have some thoughts on this, please send us an email. It will certainly assist others who might feel similarly or have not registered thinking that they must have some prior education or orientation to VolunTourism in order to do so.

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