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March 2005 - Wisdom & Insight

MARCH 2005 - Home


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Wisdom & Insight
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Wisdom & Insight

Here is this month's question for the Wisdom Council on VolunTourism:

Would travel insurance cover my clients if they got injured while building a school on their trip?

Just wondering what the extent of coverage of travel insurance is. I have no problem making people aware that they are assuming some risks by doing the work and should check their personal health insurance policies to be certain they are covered. I think ther is an obligation to raise the issue and infrom people, but don't think you have to provide all the coverage.

Mary M. from Ohio


Yes, to answer the direct question.

There is coverage provided if an accidental injury occurred while building a school.

There are, however, variances and exclusions to the travel insurance policy. Each state of residency has certain guidelines/nuances to their policy.


Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT

The general outline is this... the extent of the coverage, would be dependent on the level of coverage purchased, some policies have higher limits than others. This coverage for medical/accidental, would in fact be secondary coverage, to each individuals personal health insurance policy.

So yes, I would see what coverages are provided as well as exclusions to their personal poliy and perhaps even what geographical areas might be excluded, so that they can determine the appropriate amount of coverage to purchase on their travel policy. I will be happy to provide a copy of the most common type of policy that is purchased, and their limits... it is also a good place to research the exclusions to the policy. However, volunteer work, is not excluded. The additional benefits that apply with the program are tremendous.

I hope this answers your questions, and feel free to ask any further detail regarding this or call Access America 1.866.807.3982

Recommendations for coverage: (be sure the trip cancllation box is checked) visit here

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This month's answer was provided by Laura Forrest:

Laura Forrest is a member of the Wisdom Council on VolunTourism. She is the Director of the Sustainable Travel Company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. She has been a group travel expert for more than 25 years and her resume includes travel arrangements for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Committee. She specializes in handling Customized Groups, Conventions & Meetings up to 8,000, Product Development, Pilgrimage trips, destination weddings, corporate, and select individual accounts.

Feel free to email Laura.

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