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The VolunTourist™ is a premium Newsletter for the Travel Trade. For those interested in discovering what is happening in the world of VolunTourism™ and seeking emerging practices, general information, and case studies, this is your Source.

Volume 9 Issue 1 Highlights

Beach in Costa Rica
"Beach in Costa Rica" Copyright © Maximo Nivel, All Rights Reserved



How To Be an Effective "Voluntourist" in 5 Steps

TMS Ruge, for the Project Diaspora Blog, got the snark going with this post relating how you shouldn't become a voluntourist. Post>>

Voluntourism Hurts

The Frayed Passport Blog shared the experience of videographer Mark Denega during his continued effort to produce a film on voluntourism in Peru. Post>>

College Students Visit Jersey Shore to Help with Sandy Cleanup

Eugene Paik and Erin O'Neill, for NewJersey.com, relate the efforts of college students to participate in alternative spring breaks at the Jersey Shore and assist in the Hurricane Sandy recovery process. Post>>

Volunteer Vacations: Help Animals On Your Next Getaway

AnimalFair.com shared several voluntourism options that those with a love for animals can select for their future getaway plans. Post>>

Benevola, Trailblazing in the Voluntourism Landscape

From Forbes.com came this review of Benevola - a recently launched company focusing on connecting voluntourists with NGOs and grassroots organizations. Post>>

Selfish Charity?

Honi Soit questioned the value and virtue of voluntourism in the developing world. Post>>

National & International Media

Turtle Conservation
"Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica" Copyright © Maximo Nivel, All Rights Reserved

The Tragic Rise of Gap Year Voluntourism

Ritwik Deo, for The Independent, generated some significant traffic and a slate of more than 100 comments with this controversial piece. Article>>

Beware the 'Voluntourists' Doing Good

The Guardian questioned the good intentions of volunteer travelers, particularly as to whether those intentions actually translate to benefiting local communities. Read On>>

In Defence of 'Voluntourists'

The Guardian continue the debate on voluntourists by offering a counter-perspective to the above piece. Not surprisingly, the traffic and comments for this article were dwarf-like by comparison. Article>>

Singles Guide to Voluntourism

Jane Ganahl, for Singular Magazine, provides insights and guidance to singles who may be considering voluntourism for the first time. Article>>

Voluntourism: One Answer to Local Resource Shortages

Green Futures Magazine tackles the subject of voluntourism with a look at the pros and cons. Article >>

Helping Hands: The voluntourism market is growing apace, but what opportunities does it present, and who really benefits?

Karl Cushing, for ABTA Magazine, delivered some details on the expansion of voluntourism in the United Kingdom and how some companies are placing this squarely as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) [article begins on p. 27]. Article>>

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