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The VolunTourist™ is a premium Newsletter for the Travel Trade. For those interested in discovering what is happening in the world of VolunTourism™ and seeking emerging practices, general information, and case studies, this is your Source.

Volume 7 Issue 3 Highlights

Global Glimpse Jump
"Xuan Le and Bryan Nguyen celebrating their climb to the top of the Cerro Negro black sand volcano in Leon, Nicaragua" Copyright © Global Glimpse, All Rights Reserved



Why You Shouldn't Participate in Voluntourism

Richard Stupart, for Matador Network, generated quite the buzz over this post which had numerous comments and plenty of retweets. Continuing in the "Thou Shalt Not" mode, Mr. Stupart followed up on the above post with another - "Why You Shouldn't Run Out to Volunteer for Disaster Relief." Read the Original Post>>

Adventures in Voluntourism - They Have Become Part of Tourism Mainstream

Tobias Denskus inked this post for the Aidnography Blog and offers some points on the realities of aid, development, and voluntourism. However, one blogger offered a counter opinion - - "In Response to a Blog Post About the Negatives of Voluntourism" - - to what came across as a generalization. Read On>>

The Contradictions of Voluntourism

The Tenacious Transparency Blog offered a unique insider's view of a voluntourism experience in Palestine. Post>>

Voluntourism IS The Best Option

Eric Hartman, guestblogging for The Good Intentions Are Not Enough Blog, provided some insights into the ongoing debate over the value of international volunteering, voluntourism, and service learning. Was his post enough to change opinions? Post>>

Voluntourism: the Good and the Bad

From the Not Enough Good Blog came a post by 'Michele' who shared the details of the potential benefits and negative impacts of voluntourism as a summary to a webinar for the SISGI Group. Post>>

Building a Parking Lot in Amman
"The parking lot project at Holy Land Designs" Copyright © Engaging Cultures, All Rights Reserved

National & International Media

8 Trips for Animal Lovers

Casey Hall, for CNN GO, shared options for those interested in volunteering to serve the animal kingdom - of course, it is nothing in comparison to Nola Lee Kelsey's recently published Animal Addict's Guide to Global Volunteer Travel, but it's a start. Article>>

The Giver's Conundrum

National Geographic Traveler featured a piece by Costas Christ regarding his personal experience with voluntourism and the ongoing debate regarding its dubious results for local communities. Read On>>

Haiti Volunteer Travel Takes More than Good Intentions

MSNBC.com provided a piece by Christina Rexrode detailing some of her experience in Haiti and her thoughts on those who feel compelled to visit for a week in order to support the recovery. From the title, you might be able to infer how she approached the story. Article>>

Students Given Tips to Stop Gap Year Travel Being 'A New Colonialism'

Daniel Boffey, for The Guardian, introduced readers to the latest report from Demos on volunteering in connection with the gap year and the new government scheme in the UK - International Citizen Service. Article>>

Budget Excursions for Volunteers

Michelle Higgins, for The New York Times, offered ways to minimize the financial outlay for volunteering connected with travel, including several options with room discounts when you volunteer. Article>>

The Give and Take of 'Voluntourism'

Janet Steffenhagen, for The Vancouver Sun, continued a thread from a conference she had recently attended and the discussion of the potential negative impacts of voluntourism. Her conclusion, give people the tools to do it well. Article>>

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