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The VolunTourist™ is a premium Newsletter for the Travel Trade. For those interested in discovering what is happening in the world of VolunTourism™ and seeking emerging practices, general information, and case studies, this is your Source.

Volume 6 Issue 4 Highlights



"18 and 85 - - Cleaning Walls At Machu Picchu" Copyright © Conservation VIP, All Rights Reserved



Why Honeymoon When You Can Honeyteer?

Shyla Batliwalla, for Tonic.com, offers: "Couples are adding meaning to their honeymoons and solidifying their bonds by spending time volunteering instead of lounging on the beach." Post>>

Does Volunteering Abroad Do 'More Harm Than Good'?

The Verge Magazine Blog featured this piece in response to a flood of critiques on volunteering abroad and voluntourism in early November 2010. "The solution to this problem, however, is NOT to abandon all programs for volunteering abroad." Post>>

Should You Pay To Volunteer Abroad?

The Almost Fearless Blog asks this poignant question and offers a guest post by Shannon Whitehead, of All Of Us Revolution, who is currently on a two-year travel and volunteer stint across the globe in an effort to start a sustainable business. Post>>

Volun'tourism' - The New Exploitation Of Good Intentions

Erin Thomas, via The Underground Railroad Blog, writes, "Hey, it's great that people in the richly endowed West are waking up to the travesties in our world today. But packing sack and hittin' the road to visit those poor little orphans on the way to the beach isn't only unfair, it's repulsive." Post>>

Four Things To Consider Before You Volunteer Abroad

Marianne Elliott, for the Gypsy Girl's Guide Blog, provides four pieces of advice for those who are considering volunteering in another land. Post>>

"Trail Work in Torres del Paine, Chile" Copyright © Conservation VIP, All Rights Reserved

National & International Media

In S. Africa's Orphanages, Is Doing Good Really Bad?

Anders Kelto, for National Public Radio (NPR), generated this report featuring comments from Amy Norman who recently launched The Orphan Voluntourism Research Project. Article>>

Volunteer Holidays 'Do More Harm Than Good'

The Telegraph (UK) raised the following: "Gap year volunteers risk undermining local workers and hindering long-term development in impoverished countries, according to a new study." Article>>

Before You Volunteer Abroad, Think Of The Harm You Might Do

Ian Birrell, for The Observer, garnered his "15 minutes" of VolunTourism fame by critiquing the subject in response to Dr. Linda Richter's article, which was featured in the last issue of The VolunTourist Newsletter. Article>>

Group Takes Volunteers Into America's Wild Lands To Work

Vicki Larson, for the Marin Independent Journal, shares her personal experience of "hacking back, chopping down, piling up and poisoning Russian olive trees" with Wilderness Volunteers Article>>

Helping Hands

Alice Griffin, for the newly launched National Geographic Traveller (UK), offers a closer look at permaculture and the prospects of environmentally-focused volunteering projects around the world. Article>>

Voluntourism: Vacationing With a Purpose

Joan Delaney, for The Epoch Times, introduced us to Doug Scott, a firefighter from British Columbia, who will be headed to Sri Lanka in 2011 as a voluntourist. Article>>

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