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The VolunTourist™ is a premium Newsletter for the Travel Trade. For those interested in discovering what is happening in the world of VolunTourism™ and seeking emerging practices, general information, and case studies, this is your Source.

Volume 6 Issue 3 Highlights






8 Mistakes Guys Make in Voluntourism

Daniela Petrova offers a byline to this post: "Before you set out to save the world, there are a couple of things you need to know." Post>>

Our Most Important Job

Jennifer Lentfer writes, "We've all been there. You're at a cocktail party or a family gathering, when an acquaintance, or your aunt in my case, proudly announces, 'We're going to Uganda in June to build an orphanage for AIDS orphans.'" Post>>

Deconstructing Volunteering and Overseas Exchanges

From the Wait...What? Blog comes this post by Linda Raftree. Post>>

Volunteer Tourism Defies Recession But Is This Positive News for the South?

Kate Lee, for the International Institute for Environment and Development Blog, generates some commentary with her thoughts on Gap Years and volunteering. Post>>

Voluntourism Needs a Facelift

Jane Reitsma, for the Stratosphere Blog, opens her post with these words: "Voluntourism has a bad rap. And I think it deserves it. Why? Because often the people that get involved in voluntourism get involved for the wrong reasons: to make themselves feel good, to get into medical school, because they want an excuse to continue traveling to exotic and interesting places but feel guilty just lying on a beach, because they feel this overwhelming need to 'help those less fortunate.'" Post>>

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Outdoor Voluntourism

Andrea Dennin, for the Matador Change Blog, provides a short list of, well, outdoor voluntourism options. Post>>

A Word on "Voluntourism"

The From Heals To Flip Flops Blog gives a short review of a personal volunteer experience in a favela in Brazil. Post>>

National & International Media

Vacationing as a Volunteer: Find the right trip for seeing the world while making a difference in people's lives

Ken Budd, for AARP, gives a personal account of some of his own voluntourism adventures, the pros and cons of this type of travel, and how you might narrow down the choices. Article>>

Gap Year Holidays: From Backpacking to Teaching English Abroad

Fred Mawer, for the Daily Mail, inked this informational piece for those who may be looking at the gap year and how to incorporate volunteering into the overall experience. Article>>

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Volunteering in Paradise

Teresa Machan, for The Guardian, offers a personal account of a volunteer experience abroad in the Seychelles. Article>>

Voluntourism After the BP Oil Spill: Lend a Hand in the Gulf Region

Jennifer Plum Auvil, for TravelChannel.com, offers some sound advice to those who are considering volunteering in the U.S. Gulf Coast Region in response to the BP Oil Spill. Article>>

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