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The VolunTourist™ is a premium Newsletter for the Travel Trade. For those interested in discovering what is happening in the world of VolunTourism™ and seeking emerging practices, general information, and case studies, this is your Source.

Volume 5 Issue 4 Highlights





GiveNow.com.au gave us two crown jewels to review during this past quarter. "Voluntourism: Lindy and Sarah's Experience," and "Giving Doctor: Voluntourism." Definitely worth a read.

New Year Tip For Making A Difference? Plan to Volunteer on Your Next Trip

Christie Garton writes for USA Today's Blog - - Kindness: New Ways We Give and Volunteer and she touches on how voluntourism can be part of your travel plans in 2010. Post>>

9 Wild Eco Volunteer Opportunities to Save the World

Roberta Cruger assists the folks at Treehugger in identifying some potential voluntourism trips with an eco-friendly slant. Post>>


Adrienne DiTommaso generated a little buzz with this post for Canes International in which she offers the following gem: "" Post>>

Copyright © Chris Christensen, All Rights Reserved

Voluntourism: A Sustainable Practice or Poverty Tourism?

Jackie Aman offers a perspective that is particularly intriguing, in part, because it is associated with the University of Minnesota's Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center. Post>>

Design4Kids Opens Up 'Voluntourism' To Graphic Designers

Jennifer, for the PSPrint.com blog, shares the work of Jeff Speigner and his efforts in Guatemala to engage graphic designers in mentoring young people there. Post>>

National & International Media

The Dark Side of Volunteer Tourism

J.B. MacKinnon leaves no stone unturned in this piece provided in the November-December issue of Utne Reader via Explore Magazine in Canada. Article>>

Voluntourism Is Fast Becoming the Holiday of Choice for Those Keen to Give Something Back

Anna Pasternak, for the Daily Mail, introduces us to her upcoming trip to Oman to help build a village. Article>>

Room Service and a Shovel: The Rise of Voluntourism (aka 'Silver-Spoon' Voluntourism)

Matt Villano stirred things up with this piece on the intersection between luxury travel and voluntourism for TIME Magazine; he even got the Twitterati involved. Article>>

Taking the Kids -- And Giving Back While You Travel

Copyright © Culinary Corps, All Rights Reserved

Eileen Ogintz, for the Chicago Tribune, offers an insightful piece on engaging children in voluntourism experiences. Article>>

How Can We Help?

Nancy Trejos, Staff Writer for The Washington Post, describes voluntourism gone awry in this piece that explores her voluntourism trip to Mexico. Story>>

The Giving Trip

Mike Kessler inks a piece for Outside Magazine that discusses his personal cycling adventure in Vietnam. Story>>

Tour Operators Turn To Marketing 'Volunteer Tourism'

Wangui Maina, for the Business Daily Africa, offers this article regarding the connection between the tourism industry and voluntary service in Africa. Story>>

Volunteer Vacations: Making A Getaway A Way To Help Others

Kyle Wagner, the Denver Post Travel Editor, personalizes her connection to voluntourism and shares some additional insights into the subject via several other related posts. Story>>

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