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The VolunTourist™ is a premium Newsletter for the Travel Trade. For those interested in discovering what is happening in the world of VolunTourism™ and seeking emerging practices, general information, and case studies, this is your Source.

Volume 5 Issue 1 Highlights



Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT



Is Voluntourism A Dirty Word?

Lucy Corne generates some thoughtful remarks and advice via this balanced piece on voluntourism. Post>>

The View From Cameroon

Laura Byrne Paquet offers another post on voluntourism. But this time she gives Steve Jackson -Our Man In Cameroon- a few words of wisdom. Post>>

You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

Jessica Proudfoot shares some encouraging words from Martin Lambert on the subject of voluntourism. Post>>

How Voluntourism Works

Debra Ronca pens an extensive piece covering numerous subjects in her effort to uncover the good and bad sides of voluntourism. Post>>

How Can You Assess If "Voluntourism" Is Good?

Daniela Papi, of the PEPY Ride, provides some insights into what she feels is a holistic way of looking at the spectrum of offerings that are available between 100% volunteering and 100% tourism and assessing their effectiveness. Post>>

The Value Of Voluntourism: Interview with Stephen Greenwood

Eric Daams poses a variety of questions to Stephen Greenwood regarding his 5-month trip to Tanzania. You may discover some bits of wisdom interlaced throughout the responses. Post>>

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National & International Media

A Double-Edged Sword

Richard Newton delivers a thoughtful, and rather lengthy, cover story for Global Traveler Magazine on the subject of voluntourism. Story>>

Learning To Love Voluntourists

Alison Gardner, Senior Travel Editor at Transitions Abroad.com, provides some insights into voluntourism and categorizes various types of voluntourists. Story>>

University Of Ottawa To Make Voluntourism Easier

Joanne Laucius showcases some remarks from University of Ottawa president Allan Rock on how he plans to facilitate student engagement in voluntourism at the University. Story>>

With The Best Of Intentions, Where's That Road Headed?

Jill Schensul gives us something to think about as she focuses on the potentially not-so-good side of voluntourism. Story>>

If I Had A Hammer

Katrina Higham, a teenager no less, inks a piece for Travel Muse on her voluntourism trips to Tijuana, Mexico. Story>>

"Voluntourism": See The World - - And Help Conserve It

Jim Cornfield reviews the greener and more scientific side of voluntourism. Story>>

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