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The VolunTourist™ is a premium Newsletter for the Travel Trade. For those interested in discovering what is happening in the world of VolunTourism™ and seeking emerging practices, general information, and case studies, this is your Source.

Volume 4 Issue 3 Highlights



Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT



Volunteering And Tourism: A Good Combination?

JVA Consulting asks the question and provides some insights as to whether adding the tourism component makes these engagements too self-serving. Post>>

The Trouble With The Peace Corps

Want some perspective? This is certainly worth a read for those of you who are looking at international volunteering and trying to determine if one approach is really better than another. Post>>

Voluntourism Is Exploitation

Nanjala Nyabola argues that voluntourism is all about the traveler and has nothing to do with the well-being of the people of the community. Post>>

Voluntourism For Corporate Groups

Carol Galle of Special D Events, Inc., touches on the subject of corporations getting involved in voluntourism through events. Post>>

A Tourist With A Shovel And A Hoe

Daniela Petrova shares her experience of a recent voluntourism trip to Kenya and along the way she discovers that her own motivations are also, on some level, self-serving. Post>>

Purposeful Vacations

One of the members of the Parsons Public Relations Team has engaged in a voluntourism trip to several countries around the world. Here are some thoughts about her engagement from a fellow team member. Post>>

The Interview: Trish Sare, Bike Hike Adventures

Everett Potter reviews a discussion with Trish Sare of Bike Hike Adventures who is incorporating voluntourism into her adventure trips as well. Post>>

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National & International Media

Holiday With The Works

Brad Couch offers his thoughts on some of the VolunTourism options available. Story>>

Tibetan Children Teach Life Lessons To Teacher

Lynann Bradbury briefly recounts her trip to Tibet and how her voluntourism experience helped her "move her heart forward." Story>>

'Voluntourists' Pay Their Own Way To Otherworldly Rewards

Lisa Lubin shares voluntourism opportunities that may require a little less brawn and a little more brains. Story>>

Voluntourism Catching On Among Travelers Who Want To Give Back

Emma Reilly tells the story of Annette Bering and how a short detour from a safari changed her life perspective. Story>>

Status Quo: Voluntourism - - Time On - - What's Behind The Motivation To Work While Allegedly At Leisure?

Carol Lloyd stirs things up with this piece that includes some discussion of tax-deductibility. Story>>

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