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Unearth the World - Kathryn & Mike Pisco
The VolunTourist™ is a premium Newsletter for the Travel Trade. For those interested in discovering what is happening in the world of VolunTourism™ and seeking emerging practices, general information, and case studies, this is your Source.

Volume 9 Issue 4 Highlights

Go Erin Go



The Economy of Global Service Learning and the Problem of Silence

From the Building a Better World Blog, Cynthia Toms shares insights from her dissertation regarding the economic side of global service learning - how institutions of higher learning do not discuss this impact of service learning and how it may contribute to a lack of understanding regarding the complete picture. Post>>

Earthwatch Ambassadors: Finding the CR Sweet Spot with Millennials

The CSR Wire Blog posted a piece by Deborah Holmes, EY Americas Director, Corporate Responsibility, in reference to corporate responsibility in the context of voluntourism and how the model has evolved over the last several years through the company's connection with Earthwatch Institute. Post>>

The Dangers of Voluntourism

Evangelicals for Social Action Blog delivered insights on how Evangelicals can engage in voluntary service while avoiding the pitfalls that can be associated with orphanage voluntourism in Cambodia. Post>>

Scammed Voluntourist Repurposes Their Trip

Atlas Apprentice may never publish another blog post, but we can certainly gain some insights as to the reasons why voluntourism holds a bad reputation in some circles by reviewing this personalized entry. Post>>

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Volunteer Travel

The Honest Blue Blog delivered a lengthy post highlighting the good, bad, and ugly aspects of combining voluntary service and travel. Post>>

Are Volunteer Programs Empowering -- or Exploitative?

Global Voices Blog reposted an interview from PRI's "The World" broadcast and added content in the form of additional videos and comments from individuals who responded to the question above. Post>>

National & International Media

Bayfield voluntourists

Want an earnest answer to 'voluntourism'? The International Citizen Service may be for you

The Independent pitted voluntourism against voluntary service, showcasing the latter via the efforts of the International Citizen Service program supported by the UK Department for International Development. Article>>

On Horseback Through Rajasthan -- and Giving Back, Too

The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Gold details her experiences riding horses and delivering aid in Rajasthan through the voluntourism company Relief Riders International. Read On>>

Voluntourism: Doing It Right Is Not As Simple As It Sounds

WBUR Boston's "Here & Now" shared the insights regarding the ups & downs of voluntourism with two Gen Y practitioners - Tyler Andrews of Strive Trips and Leila de Bruyne of Flying Kites. Article>>

Physician volunteer programs can revive your passion for medicine, while boosting your career

Medical Economics delivered thoughts on the implications of volunteer trips for physicians and those in the process of studying to become medical practitioners. Article>>

Why Would Overseas NGOs Want International Volunteers?

Verge Magazine's Jessica Lockhart conducted an interview with Dr. Erin Barnhart regarding her research findings from discussions with some 250 NGOs across the globe about hosting international volunteers - the advantages and challenges of doing so. Article >>

Orphanage Voluntourism as a Form of Exploitation?

Nelson Alcantara, for eTurboNews, addressed the challenges of orphanage tourism and orphanage voluntourism in Cambodia. Article>>

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