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Volume 2 Issue 2 - UnXpected

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Thank you, again, for your interest in The VolunTourist!

And a BIG Thank You to all who send us some great comments!

This Month's Reader Comments

  Editor's Note: Even though this was not addressed to The VolunTourist,, it reflects an interest level in VolunTourism that some of you might appreciate.

Hi Sarah, (Of Buffalo Tours - Supply Chain last issue)

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying working in Vietnam. I am an Australian Youth Ambassador volunteering in Vientiane, Laos at the Lao National University, Dong Dok.

At Dong Dok, we are preparing a new undergraduate degree in Tourism due to begin in September 2006 (soon I know!). Some aspects of the degree are still in quite elementary development stages, and I am wondering if there are some things that you could assist us with.

Laos, as you know, is a unique travel destination, and quite new as a destination country relative to neighbouring Viet Nam and Cambodia. I noticed on the website that Buffalo Tours administers 'charity challenges' and 'community project adventures' in Viet Nam and charity challenges in Cambodia.

I am very interested in hearing about what these projects aim at, do and achieve, as sustainable tourism is obviously going to play a big part in the Tourism degree being developed at Dong Dok. The purpose of researching Buffalo tours in depth is to develop case studies from the region (Viet Nam and Cambodia) that are relevent to Laos and can be used to illustrate sustainable aspects of tourism.

I would be very interested to read any trip notes or reports that you have available detailing the results of such tourist activities in Southeast Asia. I am looking forward to hearing from you at this email address.


Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT

Thanks so much for your time!

Best wishes and regards,

Chris Ball
Tourism Advisor
Dong Dok National University
Vientiane, Lao PDR

Dear David,

VolunTourism.org is absolutely wonderful! It is such a pleasure to find these corners of the Internet which are helping the world in some way.I am part of a group in the early stages of linking volunteers with a children’s project, and I was wondering, is there an awareness in the industry of how to ensure volunteers with children have no criminal history? Here in Australia we have a police "working with children" check which by law must be passed by anyone involved in child care. Has this issue come up at this stage?


Mark McIntyre

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your email. This will definitely be a great subject for future discussion in an upcoming article. It is a very important subject especially when we consider the child pornography and travel issues that have been reported consistently over the last several years.


My name is Wade Holmes.  I am the Program Manager at the Hawaii Nature Center in Iao Valley, Maui.  We are a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization who provide hands-on environmental education programs to
youth and adults, particularly for elementary school groups.

We have just finished renovating our rooms here at the center, where we can accommodate up to 70 people.  We would like to bring voluntourists to the center and provide them educational and teambuilding exercises through
their volunteer service.  

We are partnering with several other non-profits on Maui and have a wide selection of volunteer opportunities available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through email at wade@hawaiinaturecenter.org or by phone at 808.244.6500 ext. 22

Mahalo nui,



I thought it would be good to share your information with others via this format. We will also look to add you as a future "Supply Chain" option.

Thanks for your efforts and interest in VolunTourism!


Let us hear from you! Email us with your questions, comments, and testimonials at: voluntourist@voluntourism.org

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