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May 2005 - So You May Know

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So You May Know
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So You May Know...

VolunTourism: Are you Inbound or Outbound?

Through much feedback, greatly appreciated I might add, it has come to our attention that we need to make a differentiation between Inbound VolunTourism and Outbound VolunTourism. This will assist readers in developing VolunTourism products and services that are appropriate given the nature of their operations.

In order to assist each group, we will begin incorporating new content into "The VolunTourist" as well as the annual VolunTourism Forum and any regional Forum offerings that we create throughout the year.

As it relates to "The VolunTourist," we will initiate two practices - one immediately and the other over the course of the next few months. The first change will be to the "Feature Articles" sections. One Feature Article will now be dedicated to Inbound VolunTourism and the other will focus on Outbound VolunTourism. Each month we will discuss important models and case studies that will assist you in your efforts to create the best products and services possible.

We will also develop a "VolunTourism Classifieds" section for NGO's seeking Tourism Partners and its opposite number - Tourism Partners seeking NGO's. This will evolve to ultimately become a partnership clearinghouse to support the continuing development of a VolunTourism Supply Chain.


Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT

In regards to the Annual VolunTourism Forum, we will incorporate an Expo that will allow VolunTourists (Leisure & Group) to meet with Outbound VolunTourism Operators (NGO's and Tour Operators). The Expo will also host a track for VolunTourists (Meetings, Incentive, Conventions, and Events) to meet with Inbound VolunTourism Operators (NGO's & Destination Management Com-panies).

For Regional Inbound VolunTourism Forums we will focus on Inbound VolunTourism initiatives for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO's), Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVB's), and Ministries/Boards of Tourism. These forums will assist Inbound VolunTourism stakeholders in developing models that will meet the needs of Inbound VolunTourists and their representatives.

For Regional Outbound VolunTourism Forums, we will develop working sessions for discussion between NGO's, Development Organizations, and Tour Operators. These gatherings will assist stakeholders in identifying the types of service projects that can be instituted in destinations depending upon the needs of the residents and the area as a whole. The nature of these projects will be determined through assessments conducted by the regional constituents.

As we expand our offerings to support the continuing development of VolunTourism products and services, your feedback will be important. Thus, we will make changes gradually to allow for adequate comments from our readers and participants.

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