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March 2005 - 3Q's

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Inspire Your World!

Gary Schneider is the CEO & Publisher of Inspire Your World. This is what he had to say in answer to this month's 3Q's:

Q1: What was your incentive to create Inspire Your World?

My mother lives in Florida and she gives back wherever she moves. She called me one day and asked me to help her out. She was trying to determine where to volunteer in one of the new communities in which she had moved. She was looking over the website recommended as a local source for volunteers in the area. But what she found was very confusing. Countless opportunities amidst fundraising, corporate thank you letters, volunteer recognition, and so much more.

She called me for help. After looking it over, I decided that a new communication tool needed to be created. Something to serve all parties – corporations, nonprofit organizations, and volunteers. Inspire Your World was the result.

But my “other” incentive also comes from a family member – my grandfather. In New Jersey in the early 1960’s, my grandfather was part owner in a weekly group of newspapers. At the same time he was the pressroom foreman for the Herald Tribune, a large New York City newspaper of the period. My grandfather was charged with the task of heading to Brazil to start up a color press for the comics’ section of each newspaper.

What he found, during his eight months there, was a degree of poverty beyond any he had ever encountered. Four months into his stay in Brazil, he came home to collect shoes and clothing from every neighbor and acquaintance to give to the employees of the press. No longer would the employees be shoeless, not if he could help it.


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Q2: What do you feel is the primary purpose that Inspire Your World serves?

Inspire Your World delivers awareness on the volunteer culture in America.

But this is only the beginning. For once you become aware of it, you become accountable to seeing the social issues steadily eradicated from the landscape of city streets, schools, and public parks. You can no longer deny that these are part of our culture and cultures of people around the world. Awareness means Accountability.

Through awareness, nonprofit organizations discover what companies are committed to making a difference in their communities. Corporations and their employees learn about the great efforts in their respective communities of nonprofit organizations. And volunteers become aware of how they can empower the other members of their community to contribute to the well being of ALL members of the community.

Inspire Your World taps the power of cause marketing to serve both corporations and nonprofit organizations, while supporting the continual development of volunteer opportunities for prospective volunteers. The magazine is a pathway to communications between corporations, nonprofits, and volunteers.

Q3: In your opinion, how will this help to transform the volunteerism industry as we know it?

By lifting the lid on the volunteer culture in America and sharing with these three stakeholder groups what it is doing, Inspire Your World will help to transform the volunteerism industry as we know it. And, presumably, the timing is appropriate for the soon-to-be, significant population of Baby Boomer retirees.

In the coming years, we will have a group of people with high levels of education, coming from high-profile, professional positions and they will need challenges from the volunteerism industry that can sufficiently meet their needs. These ex-corporate managers will be able to incorporate their skills to support the growth and development of nonprofit organizations.

Inspire Your World will help to bring awareness of the options available while these individuals are still employed in their current capacity. Once these professionals are aware of what is happening in their communities they will find comfort in knowing that there are volunteer opportunities post-retirement. Highly educated volunteers can lead to a more potent impact on their communities.

Gary Schneider Bio:

Gary Schneider, the founder of Inspire Your World, a magazine on volunteering and philanthropy, is using his passion for publishing to celebrate the spirit of giving back. “I want to create a movement that raises awareness of the significance of nonprofit organizations, corporate citizenship and volunteer service to America’s communities,” says Schneider. “The volunteers are the heroes. You get humble around them.”

In June 2003, Schneider, the third generation in a family of pressmen and publishers, decided to create his own publishing niche by starting Inspire Your World, the first consumer magazine on volunteering and philanthropy. “It dawned on me in a flash,” he says. “The concept fell into place: celebrities, businesses, nonprofit organizations and volunteers, and how each plays a role in meeting community needs.”

Schneider, 48, a native of North Bergen, New Jersey, grew up in the newspaper business. His father, grandfather and uncles were pressmen for the old New York Herald and at age 12 he went to work for his grandfather, who owned a chain of news weeklies in New Jersey. By 16, he was running the presses. “But I got tired of being dirty all the time,” says Schneider.

Schneider furthered his career at Fairchild Publications, a subsidiary of Advance Publishing. At the age of 23, Schneider became the youngest production manager in Fairchild Publication’s history, managing 13 titles, including HomeFurnishings Daily and Supermarket News. He oversaw a production budget of more than $25 million.

From there Schneider worked for several businesses, honing his skills in the fields of printing and graphics. In the 1990s, he founded his own print brokerage firm, Peacock Penguin. Last year Schneider launched his newest venture, BizExUSA, a publishing company based in Millburn, New Jersey. BizExUSA publishes magazines and specialty publications, including Schneider’s own magazine, Inspire Your World. His goal is to take the bi-monthly regional publication nationwide.

Over the years, like many people, Schneider donated to the American Red Cross and United Way, but really had no idea how they worked. “I want to create a movement and an awareness of volunteerism,” Schneider explains. On the personal side, Schneider wants to celebrate and reward the people who find their serenity through volunteering. “That’s what drives me,” he says.

Schneider resides in Plainfield, New Jersey.

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