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Incentive Travel Executives

There are times when the global environment collaborates to incentivize us to take a different approach. In the present situation, voluntary service has many attractive features - especially for companies that are still interested in rewarding their people for a job well done.

Photo Courtesy Of Impact 4 Good All Rights Reserved

An Overview

As an incentive travel executive, you may have experienced some of the difficulty in justifying large expenditures by your clients on such things as ice sculptures or caviar or godiva chocolates wrapped in 24K gold foil, especially right now!

Geraldine Gatehouse recently inked a piece for IncentiveMag.com entitled, "Give Back, Get Back." She writes:

Timely, Yes. A target for "greenwashing," perhaps. The good news is that folks have been covering this for a while; thus, there is a precedent that can easily be demonstrated to the harshest of critics.

Peter Turcic, an incentive travel executive from Vancouver, BC, wrote of his own difficulties with this in an article that was published in 2005 in the PMPI Newsletter entitled "Incentive To Care." In a later piece, written on Meetings Net in June of 2006, Peter's convictions were reiterated along with those of other incentive travel executives.

With social responsibility reporting becoming a mainstream endeavor for a vast majority of companies, VolunTourism-based Incentives may be the exact remedy for this paradox between reward and responsibility. The incentive trip has long been the means of rewarding employees for a job well done. Part of that reward is sharing the experience with colleagues and spouses or significant others. And what can be more rewarding in the midst of such company than sharing responsibility for the well-being of others and/or the environment? This is not a difficult sell for incentive travel executives, but it means you have to create one of the most memorable civic engagements imaginable.

Ira Almeas is one incentive travel executive that has adapted his business model to this philosophy. In 2005 he started Imact 4 Good, as an extension of his company Impact Incentives, to address the issue of social responsibility for his clients and potential clients that might be leaning in this direction.

Lucy Eisele is another proponent of incentives that make a difference. In an article on MIMegasite.com, Lucy is quoted as saying: "Often clients think you can just tack on community service to an incentive, but you have to promote it throughout the program, so participants really feel special." On her website, Lucy offers the "Bottom Line" of why companies should focus on incentives of this type:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Performance Involvement
  • Increase Employee Loyalty, and
  • Team Building

For additional resources, look to archives of The VolunTourist and other sections of this website. Should you have in-depth questions about how to approach VolunTourism as an Incentive Travel Executive, feel free to contact us.

THE VOLUNTOURIST - Past Webcasts for Incentive Travel Executives

Integrity Incentives & VolunTourism - 01 July 2008


Lucy Eisele, Founder & Director of Integrity Incentives joined me to address three questions:

(1) What motivated you to establish your VolunTourism Initiative/Program?

(2) How does your VolunTourism Initiative/Program impact your various constituents - employees, clients, shareholders (if you have such), board members, community residents, partners, vendors, others?

(3) From a "global perspective," what do you perceive to be the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, of this type of travel?

Lucy addressed these topics and discussed others during this episode of The VolunTourist.

[Listen To The Webcast] (Click Here To Download)


Lucy Eisele, of Integrity Incentives.

Corporate Social Responsibility & VolunTourism - 18 March 2008


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very much in the forefront of strategic thinking in the corporate world. There seems to be some synergy with voluntourism. Here are some thoughts from several folks in the corporate world:

(1) What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

(2) How are companies currently utilizing VolunTourism to achieve their CSR goals & objectives?

(3) Are we likely to see growth in this area in the years ahead?

Guests address these topics and discuss others during this episode of The VolunTourist.

[Listen To The Webcast] (Click Here To Download)


Richard Brubaker, of Hands On Shanghai; Donnell Ocker, of The Whole Planet Foundation; Sarah Siddiqi, of Experience Bangladesh; Michael Strong, of FLOW Idealism.

Corporate VolunTourism - 6 November 2007


There is a new breed of small businesses and companies that are cropping up in the marketplace to support Corporate VolunTourism. Who are some of the individuals behind these start-ups and early-stage ventures? How are Corporations engaging in VolunTourism? Guests address these topics and discuss others during this episode of The VolunTourist.

[Listen To The Cast] (Click Here To Download)


Dr. Leah Mayor, Summit Abroad.com; Dara Parker, Handprint Adventures; and Alan Ranzer, Impact4Good.

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