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VolunTourism Lectures & Speaking Engagements

Want to learn more about VolunTourism?

David Clemmons, Founder of VolunTourism.org, frequently lectures on college and university campuses throughout the United States. He also speaks at national and international conferences and occasionally attends social club luncheons to further educate this audience.

Topics range from the current status of VolunTourism to answering such questions as "What's Next for VolunTourism?" or "How to Engage in VolunTourism as a Tour Operator or Leisure Traveler?"

David Clemmons, Founder of VolunTourism.org


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Upcoming Engagements

David Clemmons is currently scheduled to participate in the following conferences:


Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT

Request For Participation

To inquire as to whether David Clemmons can speak at your up-coming conference or gathering, please submit an email to:


In the subject line post "Speaker Request" or "Moderator/Facilitator Request"

Your email should include dates, location, the audience, and the topic you wish to be addressed.

David does not require that an honorarium be paid, although interested parties may certainly do so. However, payment for all travel-related expenditures (including, but not limited to): accommodations, transportation, airport transfers, visas, a daily stipend for meals, and any other out-of-pocket expenses is requested. All speaker agreements/contracts must include this language in order to be considered.

If you would like a list of references from past speaking engagements, please submit that as part of your request.

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